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In January’s OSHA press release, it was revealed that Stalwart Films LLC, onset with the television show, “The Walking Dead”, failed to protect employees from fall hazards. Following a stuntman’s fatal injury, OSHA’s investigation of the filming location in Senoia, Georgia issued a citation with penalties totaling $12,675. This citation was due to the fact […]

Did you know? Approximately TWO MILLION construction workers are affected and exposed to respirable crystalline silica. This includes 600,000 workplaces that may not be compliant. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that at least 840,000 of these construction workers are exposed to silica dust levels greater than the new permissible exposure limit standard. […]

Among all of the states, California is notorious for having the highest level of seismic activity.  Just alone in the past 24 hours, California has had 16 earthquakes, all of which are of magnitude 1.5 or higher. Although we may not feel these earthquakes, we should always prepare for the next big one to strike. It’s […]

In a recent article provided by OSHA as of January 18th, 2017, a recent railroad parts manufacturer was fined $235,000 for exposing their employees in machine and fall hazards. In their inspection, OSHA found that the company: Failed to have procedures for adequate lockout/tagout or inspections of these said procedures Fall hazards were prominent because […]

Cal/OSHA Issues High Heat Advisory for California The National Weather Service has issued high heat advisories for Northern and Southern California Areas. The temperatures have reached over 100 degrees during the past few weeks. Cal/OSHA encourages all employers to take preventative action, and protect their workers from heat illness. Special “high heat” procedures are required when temperatures […]

California Labor Enforcement Task Force (LETF) is a combination of State and local agencies to fight illegally working companies. LETF pays close attention to high-risk industries that are known to abuse the rights of low wage workers such as car wash, restaurant, manufacturing, roofing, construction, farming and auto repair businesses. In August this year LETF […]

It is a requirement for workers exposed to asbestos on a regular basis that they be trained in the identification and handling of items that do or potentially contain asbestos. With the proper training workers can avoid these hazards and minimize the risks involved in dealing with asbestos.  Beyond identifying potential hazards workers should be […]

As times continue to change, so does the way in which training is provided. Although there is no substitute for hands on training with a live, qualified instructor, the ease and convenience of online training is definitely pushing many in the safety training industry in that direction, and Global Environmental Network is no exception to […]

In case you were wondering the training deadline for the Globally Harmonized System of labeling has already passed. In fact it passed nearly 2 months ago. According to new regulations all workers dealing with hazardous chemicals needed to be trained on the new system of labeling by December 5, 2014. If you or your workers […]

HAZWOPER training is one of the most important elements in the safety training catalog because the skills and knowledge to identify and respond to hazardous chemicals could ultimately have someone’s life weighing in the balance. Surprisingly, many people are unaware what the term HAZWOPER even means, but it stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency […]