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Virtual Training Platform Option Immediately Available / COVID-19

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In light of the recent events concerning the COVID-19, Global Environmental Network, Inc. has been spending countless hours to find a solution to support our clients’ training requirements while assuring protection of our students, employees, and community. After endless hours over the last two weeks, Global Environmental Network, Inc. is excited to announce we have partnered with CDPH and CalOSHA to offer virtual training effective immediately!

We have further expanded these options into many of our other training courses as well. For a complete and detailed list, please contact us at training@safetygeni.com or call us at

We at Global Environmental Network, Inc. understand the pressing urgency to protect our students, employees, instructors, and loved ones’ health. We have been working around the clock to offer and create solutions to our community to do so. It is with great honor and privilege we can now extend this to our clients. For additional information, please call us at 1-800-230-6944.
Welcome to Global Environmental Network, Inc.
Global Environmental Network, Inc. (GENI) has been providing Health and Safety Engineering, Consulting, and Training services since 1992, and has grown tremendously in presence in the municipal, utilities, oil, gas, construction and engineering sectors. GENI’s ability to integrate customized, project specific services while constantly evaluating the services ensures our ability to meet or exceed the most rigorous guidelines available.

The Environmental Protection Agency requires that a company that does anything that affects “the natural environment — air, water, and land — upon which life depends,” be subject to federal and state environmental protection laws. Global Environmental Network, Inc., integrated the philosophy of customized environmental planning in order to help companies meet or exceed rigorous state and federal laws that regulate emissions, asbestos, hazardous wastes, discharge of waste, and other items that affect the environment. Our training services have continued to grow and change as new regulations, such as Crane Operator Certification, took place in the federal and state arena. We are continuously evaluating the services that we provide to make sure that they meet or exceed the most rigorous guidelines available.