Lead Training Still Critical After All These Years

Thursday , 16, January 2014 Comments Off on Lead Training Still Critical After All These Years

Lead TrainingIt’s been many years since the discovery of lead hazards in homes and buildings due to the use of lead-based paints in the past, but being trained on working in these environments and monitoring exposure is just as important as it was back then.

Many older homes and buildings are still being remodeled on a regular bases and over exposure to lead can lead to serious health risks that could severely shorten the life of a worker if precautions are not taken and exposure is not monitored.

OSHA has standards and regulations in place to protect the health and safety of workers dealing with these potentially hazardous environments. It is critically important that employees are trained on these regulations and given the tools and knowledge necessary to fulfill job responsibilities without putting their health and lives at risk.

If you are involved in the painting, renovation and repair it’s important to be trained and the people you work with are trained to deal with lead safely.