Getting OSHA Compliant for 2018; Even the “Walking Dead” Needs Fall Protection

Tuesday , 16, January 2018 Comments Off on Getting OSHA Compliant for 2018; Even the “Walking Dead” Needs Fall Protection

In January’s OSHA press release, it was revealed that Stalwart Films LLC, onset with the television show, “The Walking Dead”, failed to protect employees from fall hazards. Following a stuntman’s fatal injury, OSHA’s investigation of the filming location in Senoia, Georgia issued a citation with penalties totaling $12,675. This citation was due to the fact that Stalwart Films LLC failed to provide adequate protection to their employees from fall hazards. It is important to note that OSHA regulations apply to a vast array of different industries and no industry is immune to audits, inspections and OSHA citations.

This press release has been eye-opening to industries outside of construction that may still need to be OSHA compliant. Unfortunately, in this case, the lack of proper equipment and training has led to a fatal injury. Injuries, accidents, and illnesses can occur without a moment’s notice. Although certain accidents cannot be prevented in totality, however, maintaining a safety program can mean injuries and lives could be avoided and perhaps even prevented. Safety should be exercised in the workplace and even in our day-to-day activities. Being as preemptive as possible by providing your employees the right tools, protective equipment and safety training can reduce the risk of audits, citations, penalties and most importantly, injuries. Proper training and equipment may have saved this person’s life.

With the new year in full affect, it may be time to re-evaluate your firm’s safety needs. At Global Environmental Network, your firm’s safety is our first priority. Our team of qualified industry professionals have a minimum of 15 years of practical experience to ensure the highest level of training, curriculum and hands-on practice. We pride our levels of student engagement and educational retention; all backed with almost 3 decades of service to California. Our team of subject matter experts include but are not limited to: Fire Captains, Safety Officers, Safety Trainers, HAZWOPER trainers, Certified OSHA Outreach Trainers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Professional Geologists, Professional Engineers, Certified Asbestos Consultants, Certified Site Surveillance Technicians, Lead Inspectors/Assessors, and much more.

Alongside our excellence in training, our safety consulting division can help your firm devise, prepare, implement and execute safety protocols. We have on-site management for your jobsites which include assigning full-time Site Health and Safety Officers for your temporary construction jobsite. Our team can help develop Site Safety Plans, Injury and Illness Prevention Plans, Health and Safety Plans and conduct preemptive audits and inspections to ensure full compliance of a facility or jobsite.

The new year should not only be a wake-up call, but the opportunity to maintain compliance for the safety and well-being of your organization. Global Environmental Network offers a full range of safety and training solutions to put your firm’s needs at ease. 2018 is the time to get your firm compliant. With our wide range of publicly held courses, the training courses Global Environmental Network offers but are not limited to are: Fall Protection, Confined Space, Trenching and Shoring, OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training and many other programs. We can also provide onsite training at your firm’s convenience.

With this blog’s focus on fall protection training, Global Environmental Network’s team of instructors are ready to help your firm with an extensive fall protection plan and training solutions. Our fall protection training features hands-on, practical exercises and includes discussion on the usage of harnesses, working at specific heights, and measures to keep ensuring safe working conditions. Our state-of-the-art training complies with federal and state mandated regulations and also utilizes the best technology to ensure maximum student engagement and retention. Some of the practical examples that are used in the fall protection include but are not limited to: don/doffing of harnesses, types of harnesses, and rope-tying.

Although training is an important facet of Global Environmental Network, we offer many services so that we may be your all-in-one resource for Environmental, Health and Safety Training and Consulting. Our consulting services may include: providing a safety officer onsite, drafting and implementing health and safety plans, injury and illness plans, and much more. We strive to bring safety and compliance to your firm and address all your needs.

This new year can be the fresh start your firm deserves. We can help you bring your firm up to compliance or maintain and streamline your current processes. Our qualified staff is here to accommodate your firm’s circumstances while being in accordance with CAL/OSHA’s regulations and mandates. Take the opportunity this year and give our team a call at (800) 230-6944 or visit our website at

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