Globally Harmonized System Training Deadline Already Passed

Tuesday , 4, February 2014 Comments Off on Globally Harmonized System Training Deadline Already Passed

GHS TrainingIn case you were wondering the training deadline for the Globally Harmonized System of labeling has already passed. In fact it passed nearly 2 months ago. According to new regulations all workers dealing with hazardous chemicals needed to be trained on the new system of labeling by December 5, 2014. If you or your workers fall into this category and have not received the proper training then you are currently not in compliance.

This new system of labeling has been accepted by the international community and is being implemented across the globe to put everyone on the same page when it comes to labeling of hazardous materials.

If you have not been properly trained to understand this new labeling system, don’t worry because it doesn’t take much to fulfill your training requirements and keep you within compliance. In fact the most convenient way to receive this training is online and fortunately Global Environmental Network Inc. offers this course for a small fee online, equipped with all the course material you need to understand the GHS labeling system. Don’t wait any longer, your time is up, get the training you need today.