Is Your Firm Fall Protection Ready?

Tuesday , 4, April 2017 Comments Off on Is Your Firm Fall Protection Ready?

In a recent article provided by OSHA as of January 18th, 2017, a recent railroad parts manufacturer was fined $235,000 for exposing their employees in machine and fall hazards. In their inspection, OSHA found that the company:

  • Failed to have procedures for adequate lockout/tagout or inspections of these said procedures
  • Fall hazards were prominent because guardrails did not have a top rail and floor holes were not properly covered

Sample California Fall Protection Checklist
These violations can happen to any company and can impose serious fines. In order to properly implement procedures for fall protection safety within your firm, you must first understand the regulations that OSHA imposes. See below for a sample of an inspection checklist that can be used within your firm.

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