Stormwater Services

Leaders In New CA General Permit Compliance



  • SWPPP / WPCP Development
  • QSD Certification of SWPPP
  • QSP / QSD onsite BMP Inspections
  • QSP / QSD onsite BMP Monitoring
  • Caltrans Compliance
  • Amendments & Revisions to SWPPP
  • Upgrade SWPPP to new CGP
  • QSD Consulting Services
  • QSP onsite Consultants
  • Sampling & Testing Technician
  • QSP / QSD & 24 Hour SWPPP Training

  • Professional Engineer (PE)
  • Professional Geologist (PG)
  • Certified Engineering Geologist (CEG)
  • Certified Professional Erosion / Sediment
    Control (CPESC)
  • QSP / QSD Consulting Services
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)
  • Class A Contractor’s License with
    Hazardous Waste Certificate (A-878478)
  • Biologist Field Technician
  • Certified Asbestos Consultant
  • Certified Lead Inspector


  • Site Inspections
  • REAP

    1. Pre-Storm Inspections
    2. During Storm Inspections
    3. Post Storm Inspections
  • Quarterly Non-Storm Water Discharge
  • Annual Compliance Reports
  • QSD Certification

Leaders In New CA General Permit Compliance

Specializes in SWPPP QSD / QSP Services and Training. GENI’s Team consists of Civil, Biological, and Geological Engineers, as well as CPESC. We are experienced in all stages of development process from initial concept to final completion. We recognize that clients and projects are unique and therefore provide leadership, knowledge, and solutions that adapt to every situation and pride ourselves in our total commitment to our clients.

With critical changes in requirements under the new CA General Permit, you will need to trust your Stormwater Management Team. Global Environmental Network, Inc. is a leader in providing Environmental Health & Safety Consulting and Training for over 18 years. As a benchmark in our industry, our SWPPP Training Program was the first approved Training Program by CalTrans and AGC of CA. Our reputable staff are experts in their field and are ready to assist you with consulting, training, or SWPPP revisions to assure compliance.