COVID-19 Symptoms & Exposure Protocols

COVID-19 Symptoms & Exposure Protocols

Updated 09/07/2021

It is vital for Global Environmental Network, Inc. to work collaboratively in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our training environment while maintaining quality instruction. Instructors, employees and students must remain at home if they, someone in their immediate household, or someone they have been exposed to, has symptoms of COVID-19 or is being tested for COVID-19. It is important that our students’ and staff’s health and confidentiality is the main priority during this global pandemic.

This list of protocols outlines the steps, pertaining to our students, that GENI is taking to ensure that our Instructors, employee and students are as healthy as possible. 

As changes are necessary during this time, this list of protocols will be prone to change with adjustments to Local, County and Federal Regulations and Guidelines.

Section 1. Symptoms of COVID-19

Section 2. Screening Procedures

For Students

Section 3. Face Coverings

The California Department of Public Health has required face coverings for persons not fully COVID-19 vaccinated ( .

A cloth face covering or face shield may be removed for meals or snacks but must be replaced immediately following.

Certain counties have mandates that all persons wear face coverings. Global Environmental Network, Inc. adheres to those standards at our branches, as well as when teaching off-site at client locations. Student are required to check with their local agency requirements and comply. Currently, GENI’s Sacramento and Oakland branch require masks for all persons indoors, per local mandates. 

Instructors, employees, visitors and students who are not fully vaccinated and not complying with the CDPH or local agency mandate will be excluded from the facility if they refuse to wear a face covering. Alternative educational opportunities will be offered for students that are excluded from the facility, if available. 

Section 4. If a Student Becomes Sick

If student becomes sick while off work or training, please take the following steps.

Please have the individual stay home and notify the manager. Contact GENI to reschedule training at With the exception of an emergency, notification must be given prior to course start time. Students failing to reschedule prior to start time may result in non-credit. 

In order to return to GENI Facility, you must be fever free for 48 hours and/or meet the COVID-19 return guidelines per the COVID-19 playbook by the CDPH.

If you become sick while at GENI or in a GENI class, please take the following steps:

Students: Immediately report any illness symptoms to an instructor or a Branch Manager. Leave classroom; Isolate from the rest of the class to assure the reduction of potential spread; and Communicate with student’s direct manager/employer (if applicable). 

If a student is symptomatic while entering GENI or during the day of instruction, the Instructor and/or Manager should:

Section 5. Notification Process

Responsible Parties

Instructor/Employee: This group is responsible for notifying the Branch Manager & Human Resources;

Manager: If an employee calls in sick or appears ill, the manager can inquire as to whether they believe the illness to be COVID-19 related and/or whether they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. If the answer is yes to either of these questions the employee should be referred to Human Resources for further support.

Branch Manager and Management acts as the COVID-19 Coordinators: This group is responsible for investigating the potential exposure, informing co-workers, notifying the proper employees to commence Exposure Cleaning Protocols. This role will work with Human Resources or the COVID-19 Coordinators(i.e. Managers) to determine what rooms/buildings need to be closed and for what period of time using the Exposure Cleaning Protocols. The local health department may also help the team to assess factors such as the likelihood of exposure to employees and students in the building, the number of cases in the community, and other factors that will determine room, building or closure.

Upper Management: This group is responsible for notifying the County Health Department and other agencies as required.

Section 6. Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by cleaning and disinfection is an important part of reopening facilities and also keeping them open. This section describes both routine cleaning that happens daily, weekly, monthly and the cleaning of an area that has been affected by COVID-19.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning of all rooms on the facility are conducted regularly:

Exposure Cleaning

Section 7. Preventative Measures

All employees, instructors and students are strongly encouraged to implement the following behavioral practices, as reasonable, to help reduce the likelihood the virus would be spread at the facility:

Section 8. Resources

Resources we rely on for updated information that guides our plan:

Section 9. Traveling from Outside of CA

Students, Employees or Instructors traveling from outside CA, but within the United States, are allowed to enter a GENI training facility if:

Non-COVID-19 Vaccinated Persons:


COVID-19 Vaccinated Persons: